My income

In the interests of transparency, inspired by George Monbiot, I publish and update my salary here. Studies indicate that pay transparency is a key tool in combatting unequal pay. Universities are not exempt from the gender pay gap.

In my role as data scientist at VOTO, I receive 55'000 SEK/month. This is equivalent to around £44'200 per annum at current exchange rates. This high salary is partly a consequence of my migration status. To work in Sweden I require a blue card, a visa aimed at attracting high skill professionals to fill a labour market gap. The eligibility for this card includes a high minimum salary threshold.

I pay around 35 % in taxes to the Swedish government, and an additional 5 % on my UK student loan repayments. This leaves me with ~ £ 26'500 in take home pay.

I am a member of Naturvetarna union, the union for science graduates in Sweden. This provides many benefits (unemployment cover, health insurance, access to employment statistics) as well as supporting other workers in my sector. There is evidence that unions reduce gender and racial pay gaps ([1] [2]).

Previous positions

2017-2021 I received the minimum UKRI PhD stipend of £15'285 per annum. This scholarly income is not subject to tax.

This income was supplemented by the work teaching and assisting in class at UEA. This typically earned me around £500 - £1'000 per annum. The best paid work was designing and delivering introductory Python courses to other grad students and staff.

During January and February 2021, I took a two month break from my PhD. During these months I worked as a technician Grade 6 in the Seaglider facility at UEA. I was paid £13.90 / hour, equivalent to an annual salary of ~ £30'000. I returned to the Seaglider facility during July and August of 2021.

During my PhD I was a member of the University and Colleges Union.


You can read a short article on the pros and cons of publishing salaries here. The practice is becoming more common, in some countries it is mandatory. This is the case in Sweden, you can get a copy of anyone's tax returns from the government and deduce their income from it. I'd rather make it as easy as possible.


I own no property or commercial shares.

I have invested £6'000 in non-profit bearing community shares in The Locks Inn Community Pub Limited. This is a successful community takeover of a well loved local pub.

Last updated August 2022