I recently started work as the in-house data scientist at VOTO. I am responsible for processing, correcting, standardising and distributing scientific data from our fleet of autonomous platforms. In my day-to-day work, I build and monitor pipelines for processing near real time data, maintain servers and create websites for viewing/interrogating data. I also work with other data managers at organisations like SMHI and EMODnet to standardise and efficiently distribute data.

I am a Pythonista and proponent of free software for science. Several of my projects are available on my github. I have completed collaborative programming projects as part of OceanHackWeek and Google Summer of Code. During my PhD, I led the UEA scientific python group.

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During 2017-2021 I completed a PhD at the University of East Anglia (UEA) in Norwich, UK. I work with marine gliders, specifically the integration on Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCPs) onto gliders to directly measure currents in the ocean.

Data and live location information from this glider, and others in the fleet, is available on the UEA glider website. I rebuilt the website in 2021, based on the original by Bastien Queste.

Curriculum Vitae

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2022 Doctoral Thesis. Shelf, shear and staircases: glider observations in the North Atlantic

2022 Glider Observations of Thermohaline Staircases in the Tropical North Atlantic Using an Automated Classifier

2020 Glider Observations of the Northwestern Iberian Margin During an Exceptional Summer Upwelling Season

To request a copy of any of my publications that have ended up behind a paywall, please email me. This is completely legal and scientists actively encourage it.

Selected posters and talks

2022 UG2 Seattle

2020 COAS seminar

2017 Marine Autonomy and Techology Showcase


2021-present Data scientist/physical oceanographer Voice of the Ocean Foundation

2017- 2021 Postgraduate Researcher University of East Anglia

2013-2017 MSci Geophysics University of Southampton

PhD Supervisory Team

Prof. Karen Heywood

Dr. Rob Hall

Dr. Alex Phillips

Academic background

Integrated Master of Science (MSci) geophysics with study abroad First class, University of Southampton, UK. Included a year studying at Utrecht University, Netherlands under the Erasmus program

Thesis title: Approximating 3D seismic velocities under Sumatra using ambient noise tomography. Supervisor: Dr Nicholas Harmon

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If you have my phone number, please contact me using Signal.

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Things I enjoy talking about

With varying levels of competence but universal enthusiasm.

  • Glider data processing
  • Server maintenance
  • Task automation
  • Python
  • Standardisation of data processing
  • FOSS in the geosciences
  • The pros/cons of preprints and open peer review
  • Making maps and the relative benefits of various projections
  • Perceptually uniform colourmaps
  • Learning languages (human and programming)
  • Climate breakdown
  • Unions and why you should join one
  • Heterodox economics
  • Rewilding as a method of environmental and social regeneration
  • Traditional forest management
  • Infosec, cryptography, online security, and why you shouldn't blindly follow links
  • Trail cameras for wildlife observation

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About this website

Source code is available on my Github. See this article for more info on why I promote open sharing of source code, as well as links to academic websites that do the same.

This website has no trackers, cookies, data collection or visitor logging. I am opposed to online surveillance.