Data visualisation


Tools I have created/contributed to

  • cmcrameri I maintain Fabio Crameri's Scientific Colourmaps as a Python package on PyPi and conda-forge
  • gliderpy A Python tool to fetch glider data from ERDDAP servers. This is in the initial stages of development.
  • GliderTools a collaborative toolbox for glider data processing.
  • pyglider A Python tool to convert/combine Slocum and SeaExplorer data files into standardised netCDFs.
  • geotiff-generator A Python program to generate geotiffs from EMODnet, GEBCO or user supplied bathymetry.


  • Clementine is my preferred music player
  • I manage my music library with the CLI Python package beets and the GUI EasyTAG
  • Calibre for e-book organisation and conversion
  • FFmpeg and ImageMagick for commandline manipulation of sound, image and video files
  • I run folding at home with my spare CPU cycles
  • Conky for an infinitely customisable system monitor
  • Signal for secure communication
  • Meld for when diff doesn't cut it to compare two text files. Bonus: use git difftool to call meld on git diffs.
  • liferea to aggregate RSS feeds
  • Pelican to make this static website